15 September 2009

all the kewl kids are doing it

tonight, my jerry's eldest's children were with us for a few hours. his oldest grandson is ten now, and in the fifth grade. i was sitting sketching, well, doodling really, and he was drawing too. then his lil sister came out from the other room where she'd been watching "scooby~dooo" with jerry and decided she wanted to draw some too. so i went and got my art box, which is a shoe box {well, it's bigger, a boot box} and has a lift out tray with all my colored pencils and a large ream of what had been a box of dot~matrix printer paper that no one uses {cuz really, do dot~matrix printers even exist anymore?!?}. ya know, it's the paper that is all connected and has lil rows of holes along the edges to help guide the paper into the printer just right. since the paper was no longer used, printer's defunct, i put it to good use as my drawing paper. also with the box is a kick~ass pencil sharpener that my artist friend whose chosen medium is pencil gave me and a huge box of 96 crayons. the pencils are roseart and avail for cheap at walmart but are very good grade for the price.

so there we were, the three of us coloring, sketching, and drawing and jerry decided to read to us. so he went and got a few old books with children's stories and read some funny stuff. classics like suess's 500 hats, and carroll's mad hatter and the tea party, and pancake story, and the teeny tiny lady {TAKE IT!!}. the evening was a ton of fun and i learned how to draw butterflies {the youngest, five, and in kindergarten taught me}. kids can be so cool!

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