18 September 2009


today was my first time i'd visited the air force base over yonder. my jerry had an appt so we thought it'd be a good time for me to ask about my coverage, benefits, and just how does tricare {the military's insurance carrier} work with medicare and with blue~shield/~cross. my primary concern was whether i could still use the general practioner that i've been using for years and years now. since her supervising MD also has his Pharm D, i have lots of confidence not only in her care, but in the entire clinic's care {esp when it comes to overseeing my psychiatric needs}. so the good news is that yes! i can continue to see my gp and all will be covered AND i can continue to use my pharmacy. which is doubly good, cuz i really like my pharm~pholks {mr roy makes certain that none of my meds interact with any of my other meds, and is always willing to offer reassurances and answer any questions i might have}.

jerry is gonna go see a physical therapist for a persistant knot he's had in the upper inner aspect of his left shoulder. he had x~rays taken today, and next week, he'll pop in for his blood work and labs, as well as his flu~vaccine and flu~mist nasal spray. so we got all that taken care of too.

and since we were gone for close to six hours, my mother & brother got lots done already. mom finished the short hall {that she'd prep'ed and kilZ'ed back in the spring} and used the crud~cutter/gloss~tack in the guest bath in preparation for two coats of kilZ and then two top~coats. mic {my brother} began to remove hardware, including some multi~fold plastic closet doors; repair, spackle, and patch drywall dinges, holes, and such; and take measurements, make material lists, and the like. so we've got some ideas of priorities and projects for the next week. yea!

this evening, we all lifted a glass of my folks' home~made plum wine and toasted each other and the progress we have made, we are making, and we will make. yea!!

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