28 September 2009

*ahem* since i have the podium...

this week is Banned Book Week, which is not celebrating "oh yea! let's ban a book!" but which is drawing attention to the fact that there are ijits attempting to ban books, based on their opinions of what is right or wrong or offensive or whatnot. i find the concept of banning books to be similar to the concept of attempting to legislate morality. if god wanted folks to have freedom of will, so that man would choose to do the right thing instead of being made to do the right thing; then surely that's good enough for man to observe in his own societal dealings.

the vast majority of americans do not read, however, it seems that the folks who do jump on the banned~book wagon are the very ones who hardly, if ever crack the spine of a book in the first place. if a book offends you, don't read it. and since most folks who get offended by what they think is in the book don't read, that doesn't seem to be too hard for them to handle.

in my own experience, i've found that reading a book, even if its author spouts opinions i don't agree with, is a fruitful exercise. it makes you think! even if what it makes you think is, "this author doesn't know what s/he is speaking about, cuz..." at least the reading the book made you think. so read. read anything and everything, cuz reading makes you think.

otherwise, you'ren't doing it right. and it's all just words. but even that would be time well~spent versus some of the other fruitless activities you could be doing, like not thinking and just doing something cuz someone told you to. read, think, choose.

free will.

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