07 September 2009


yeah. so, today i sobbed. i didn't just shed a tear or two. i wept and sniffled and snotted and generally made a mess of things. it was cuz i felt like i was making such a mess of things that i got weepy. and all those lil things added up to make me feel like i was just doing it all wrong.

and i don't have anyone to blame but me.

there were lots of things that by themselves, would have been disappointing, but all combined made me buckle. and then, cuz i did a piss~poor job of planning, i ran out of not one, not two, but three of my prescriptions. and this month's crampage was the worst it's been in quite some time.

so i was a blubbery mass of mess. leakage was rampant, i sniffled and honked and went thru wads of tissues cuz every time i thought i had it under control, i'd burst into a new freshet of tears. my jerry was very comforting and it made me cry even harder that he is so sweet ta me.

po'man, see what he puts up with?


  1. Hey! Everyone is entitled to a bit of a meltdown when its seems like the s**t is just piling up. Love ya.

  2. Pre wedding pains in the arse ... all the chores and errands and planning done so lovingly and willingly and wantingly ... suddenly creep up on ya' and bit ya' right where they shouldn't.

    Tis alright honey bun. Tis alright.


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