20 September 2009

another day done, update

so one room is completely painted now, two coats kilZ and two topcoats over patches and all that. ready for the floor work now. while mom painted in there, i finished krud~kutting/deglossing the room i was in the middle of doing last night. then i started to work on the bathroom in the addition. turns out that is gonna be way more than a job. waaaaaaaaaay more.

mic built a cover for the one rather large hole in the small guest room in the additon. that way, we can remove that if we do decide to put a small air~conditioner in there. altho the siding was just run over the hole, on the exterior of the home; so if we do put a small AC in there, we will need to cut thru the siding...we shall cross that road when we get to that bridge {wink}. options, we're all about options at this point.

jerry made a great supper, and has kept us all saturated in tea. he took one of his sons out to the county lake today so that he could get a lay of the land and all that. jerry and mic went out to the field behind the house and put out corn for the deer and went out to the pear tree and picked some. jerry's all set to start his week at work, so he can take a break from all the dust, painting, cleaning, and saw bursts!

mom, mic, and i called it the day's end within the last half hour. we have a plan for tomorrow. in the morning, while waiting for the delivery of the flooring materials, we'll be getting ready. the key to good floor is cleanliness. so the surfaces have been swept several times a day for the last few days. but tomorrow, we will use a small vacuum brush and several dry paint brushes to work up all the dirt and dust from any crevices. it'll be like we are anthropologists!

then we'll use damp towels to pick up any that the brushes don't get. then we'll be able to think about fitting the flooring. the floor will need to be wiped down constantly as the project progresses. generally, it's cuz folks skimp on the cleanliness that tiles shift and gaps are created. the tiniest specks of grit can act as abrasives and make any adhesive used less able to do its job. to cut down on the risk of transferring dust from out side the room, into the room, one person stays in the room, while others hand in the materials. this cuts down on folks tracking stuff in on their shoe bottoms. it makes me think of portable contamination rooms!

after i do what i can in preparation for that, i'll spend the rest of the time scrubbing on the bathroom. it took about three hours just to do the bottom of the tub, and it's lots better but still not bath~ready. however, it'll do for the time, while i have at the floor and then the toilet, sink, and walls. eventually, i'll get to the cabinet and ceiling and shower walls. the cool thing is i can still do other stuff and get back to the bathroom in between other tasks.

mom will be painting the larger of the guest rooms in the addition tomorrow. she'll also finish the front guest bath and the short hall should be ready for me to put all the vents, light switch plates, and outlet plates back on. within a few days, we hope to have two rooms, plus the guest bath completely done. then mom will paint the guest bath in the addition while mic continues to work on the floors and i'll begin to sort and sift thru all the items we've set aside in the spring, placing family heirlooms and favorite things from when jerry's kids where kids and that his late wife had loved back thru~out the house.

we'd piled most stuff into one room, so that we wouldn't have to worry about things getting damaged while the rest of the house was being worked on. i think that some folks thought that we'd gotten rid of some things that we hadn't. perhaps once the work is done, and things are back on shelves, hung on walls, and such, then it will be obvious that lots was kept; it's just that it temporarily was out of sight.

there will still be one guest room that is relatively untouched. that's because i couldn't clean in there as i had no where to go with anything in there. i think as the winter keeps us home~bound and in from the yard~work, we'll tackle some projects such as sorting thru the thousands of pictures and putting them into various books and labeling them. jerry's mother plans to come out and help us, by telling me stories of what was taken where with whom. we came across a picture circa 1916 earlier this year, and i would like to properly frame it with the information so that folks down the line can tell who's who and all that.

at any rate, we will be able to put some guests up for the wedding, tho there will still be some work to do. i'm sure that folks will be understanding, and if not, there are hotels, get a room! also, most of our ceilings will need to wait til next year. and so will the master suite. not a top priority at the moment, doncha know.

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