24 September 2009


when my jerry and i went out to my folks' place a few months back, he'd gotten along quite well with my brother. they chatted about lots of stuff and found lots in common. in the past week that my mother and brother have been here, my jerry has found himself a pht~ball buddy. mic, it turns out, not only likes the game and understands it, but gets quite enthusiastic about some of the plays.

so tomorrow, my jerry is gonna take my brother to the Starkville High~School game. the yellow~jackets haven't been having a very good season thus far, so they really need some loyal fans. my jerry's been getting season tickets for the high~school every year since '92, when he retired from the coast guard and moved back into the area. he's about as loyal as it gets.

mic and jerry, male bonding with a few bourbon~whiskey/cokes over the myriad of DirecTV football games, will go to an actual game tomorrow evening. hope the game is good! go jackets!

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