31 August 2009

we got it covered!

Other women may go shopping~mad when stressed, I get obsessed with stocking up on essentials that are non~perishable...that explains why there currently are 23 rolls of toilet paper and 12 rolls of paper towels in my cupboards. Along with three tubes of toothpaste, a few extra bottles of shampoo and liquid body soaps, there are also several gallons of bleach and a few mega~huge bottles of dish~detergent. Stocking up has long been a feeling of security for me.

So today, we braved the very frantic crowds at WalMart and packed several carts full of food and the aforementioned mega~packs of toiletries. Amazingly enough, we did manage to load all three carts of stuff into the lil dew~drop mobile. Jerry was heaving and ho'ing the flats of soda and caught one on the corner of some thing {i think maybe it was a sharp piece of the cart sticking out}. It punctured the can, spraying the WalMart version of Mountain Dew all over my white jeans. I looked like my water broke and also like I had the world's largest bladder that just unleashed, drenching me from the waist down with yellowish stickiness.

yeah, i'm that much fun.

good thing i had twenty rolls of toilet paper in the car.

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