25 September 2009

i decided to take a break from scrubbing bathrooms, and update my journal. this week, i've actually done very little. mostly, mom has been painting, and she finished three rooms in the addition. my brother, mic, has been laying out the subfloors and several other projects like repairing the internal lever so the shower in the guest bath actually works. now, i'm putting some of the finishing touches in some areas, like replacing the vent covers, switch plate covers, and outlet covers and hanging shower curtains and liners.

now i need to get the step~stool so i can reach the upper third of the walls and all in the bathroom in the addition. scrub the shower in there and then do the floor and i'm pretty much done in that bath, altho i do need to hang the liner in there, and find the rod for it {since we took out the sliding glass doors in the spring, they were broken and hanging off a derailed track that was beyond repair}.

in the other guest bath, i've not yet begun to clean the toilet, sink, or floor yet. eeek. sigh. i won't have to worry about any hair being painted onto the walls, in that bath. in the guest bath in the addition, mom has not painted it {there was no time at the moment, maybe next year} and whoever did it before painted lots of strands of hair right onto the wall. i tried to scrub at them, and a few have come off, but most are there til i can take a sander to the walls...which won't be anytime soon.

so mom has started to lay the tile, since she is done painting for this visit. it looks very nice, and the tile choice {marbled white with dark green} goes great with the peppermint tea paint {a light green with a blue tinge}. between the earlier in the week fiasco with lowe's {which i didn't write about here, so don't go trying to find it, ya didn't miss it, i just didn't have the energy to focus on something so stupidly frustrating~~it all is resolved to the best possible outcome, but the very fact that it occurred threw us off schedule, which meant monday was a wash} and my brother getting sick and being down and out for a day {yesterday, today he's kinda gingerly proceeding}; we've really been crunched for time and outta whack.

so all that means that we weren't able to get down what we'd've liked to. we still have put a huge dent into the task~list. but there were a few rooms that we didn't get to, cuz we don't have the space to go with the stuff in them and we don't have the time to properly clean them and paint them. so they will have to wait til some other time, along with most of the ceilings, and the master suite.

in other news, i received "the crochet stitch bible: the essential illustrated reference: over 200 traditional and contemporary stitches with easy~to~follow charts" by betty barnden in today's mail. the book retails at thirty bucks and my jerry bought it for me for thirteen! he's soooOOooo sweet ta me!! more on that later, time to return to the task at hand, the walls await, the floors call, the bathrooms are incomplete...later, dudes.

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