13 September 2009

the b~boyz

my jerry's youngest's youngest turned one year old today! he had birthday pix, a party with lots of candy, cake, family, and lots of presents too. his mom ordered two cakes, including a small round one so the birthday boy would have one of his very own and he was stripped down and placed in his hi~chair out on the front porch so he could get as messy as he wanted. his parents, his grandparents, his great~grandparents, and aunts and uncles and cousins were all here. his mom had a pinata for him, and it stopped raining long enough to hang it out in the front yard so the kids could have plenty of swinging~room. his cousin {my jerry's oldest grandson} did the honors of actually breaking it open. there was a romper~room sorta thing that inflates {i can't think of the name for it, tho when i was a kid, we called it "the moonwalk" cuz you climbed into it with no shoes or socks and bounced, bounced, bounced}.

i've selected a few pix to post, with captions. i didn't post some because i haven't spoken with the children's parents to make sure it was ok to post pix of them on the net. the children shown here, the birthday boy and his older brother, are my jerry's youngest's and she has given me permission to post them. so, if you were at the party, and you aren't shown here, it's not cuz i'm ignoring you or favoring others; it's a matter of the permission~principle!

"let's hear it for the boys, let's hear it for my babeeeee..." my jerry usually buys his grandchildren their first birthday outfits. the b~day boy is sporting his tux~onesie and will wear it for our wedding next month {omg, kenya believe it?!?}. my jerry ordered in his own tux~t so that he could wear it for the b~boy's day. hmmmm, maybe i'll wear it for our rehersal dinner...color the rose orange, red, and yellow....i'm just saying.

daddy's boy...such love. {i didn't get a good pic of mommy with her boy, probably cuz mommy was running around doing everything and so wasn't just chillin with the boyz...that's ok cuz i'm sure everyone loved all the effort you put into making the day perfect}

my jerry's mom with her lil great~grand. that was an extra cool aspect, that we didn't just have the parents' generation, but the grandparents, and the great~grandparents on both sides!

big brother jumping for joy...again...again...again...

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