02 September 2009

yet another sign of aging, and obesity


for almost two months now, my left heel has been painful. i thought maybe i stepped on something and bruised my heel. but then, for the last few weeks, i've noticed that the pain has intensified instead of easing up and healing.

in fact, ya know how ya get the pins and needles feeling if your arm gets hit in the rather oddly named "funnybone"? or if a body part goes to sleep from limited blood flow all of a sudden receiving a surge? well, that's about what it feels like.

and now, earlier today, the muscle that runs down the outside of my left leg, below my knee but on the exterior aspect of my leg is now cramping up with severity. i was trying to give it time, but i think it's been getting worse.

ah the joys of the decline of the human body, especially a fat one. yeah, i'm not feeling too jolly at the moment. sigh.

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