05 September 2009


my jerry is an avid football fan. not rabid, but avid. avid is sitting in the rain to watch a game, rabid is sitting in the rain til the very very end and thru the post~game break~down. we did attend MSU's first game of the season today, and yes, it did rain. i was ok with the getting wet part, but i got the chills while sitting there so i shivered and jerry was observant and noticed that {rabid would be that nothing else exists but the football game}, so he wrapped his hot lil arms around me for the rest of the game. he did offer several times to go, cuz he discovered just before we left the house this morning that he does get the channel so it's all TiVo'd.

me being the lovely klutz that i am, i managed to stumble and slip on peanut shells up in the sky~deck and ya know, that there concrete is steep! i did enjoy viewing the game on the MegaJumboTron cuz there were sometimes when the guy in front of me would stand to see the field and obscure my view. i think he was listening to commentary and was watching the game too. it was kinda weird tho, cuz there usually wasn't much going on when he'd pop~up outta his seat like a lil spring toy.

i enjoyed the pre~game tailgating and met a few folks that were great conversationalists while we were enjoying the stadium's air before we mounted the steps to find our seats. there was an older couple that joined as at the table and the wife giggled when I flashed her my "football for dummies" and told her that I brought my cheatsheet. the husband said that she's been watching for their 43 yrs of marriage and still doesn't know anything about the game. i think she knows a helluva lot but probably doesn't let on cuz i can tell he just loves that he thinks he knows more than her about something. i did tell her that i thought if football players could learn and understand all the rules and the plays and the complicated stats, then i'm sure they could also handle chemistry and the like. i really enjoyed meeting that couple!

the before show was good, our band did a good job. the game got delayed cuz lightening was within three miles of the stadium, and so the rule is delay. which makes sense, which i definitely didn't have...sense that is, cuz i sat out in the rain, on a metal bleacher seat...while the football players all scampered off the field and back into the clubhouse {where presumably the locker room is}. Oh~and the old mascot retired and the new one was named and donned the official MSU bulldog harness. his name is "chance".

the half~time show was awesome. sonic boom of the south lived up to their name! that's jackson's band. they actually did a tribute with a michael jackson medley, i don't believe i've ever seen an entire line~up of blue/white uniformed men in plumed hats doing pelvic~thrusts, and i probably won't again. it was a bit like a line~dancing papa smurf...

also, msu's band took the field again, with Nash Street. nash street is a blue~grass band with contemporary country music slant. my general practitioner's son is the bass player and by that i mean he plays that big brother of the cello, viola, and violin.

as far as the game itself, i did recognize a few plays and i was able to figure out who had the ball, why, and where they were running to...most of the time. that might not seem like much, but i was pretty proud of myself for not screaming go, Go, GO to a dude in blue/white. esp since our dudes were in maroon and white. we stayed thru the 35 points scored thru the third quarter and then we started to head in the general direction of the Vet School.

here we are now, freshly showered, warm/dry in our sleep duds and settling in for a quiet evening with full tummies. catch ya later!

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  1. Love your take on the day and the game. You didn't even mention that I vegged out in front of the TV until 1 AM Sunday morning watching football the rest of the day. Love YA!


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