02 September 2009

baby weight

yeah, so i went over to my artist friend's today, so we could work on putting my guest book together for the wedding/party. there really isn't too much that two people can do at the same time, so i basically showed her what i'd brought {satin ribbons in various colors and textures and widths; silk leaves/flower~petals; lots of different paper & card~stock; paper punches; and some items that were "musts": vows, invitation, reply cards, music lists, magnets, tat~flash, and the like} and i shared some of my ideas. as i am very familiar with her creative process and the sort of ideas she comes up with and the sort of creations she produces; i gave her completely free reign with the book. i trust her. she showed me a few pages as she did them, and then took off on her own power.

in the meantime, a mutual friend showed up with her lil chubby~baby. she and her husband are moving into their new home {new to them} next week, from a rented townhouse. she'd a few errands to take care of and was leaving her son for awhile. the baby is currently six months old. he is off the charts as far as weight goes, but he's always been {except at birth}. he looks so much like his father, bless his heart, that there is absolutely no doubt who the baby daddy be.

since my friend was rolling right along with the guest book, i settled down on the blanketed floor with the baby boy. this was the most interactive i'd seen him be and also the most active, period. his short feathery blonde hair has a hint of red to it, and he had the fresh clean warm baby smell that makes me wanna stick my nose into his hair and breathe deep. his fat lil hands showed dimples in his dimples and his chubby legs were sturdy and with so many folds folding into folds that i wondered if his diaper was too tight and just squishing all into overflow. but nope! not so, cuz when we changed him, i was momentarily stumped...i knew the parts should be there, but...where? i actually was relieved when my friend took over attending to his clean~up needs, cuz i was actually fairly dauted with just how to go about that.

my jerry came over after work, and he held the baby and played with him for awhile. usually jerry's grands kick and squiggle and stare and giggle and wave and clap and all that happy~baby stuff. this baby was not very responsive at all, to any one's attempts to get a giggle. it wasn't that he was fussy. it was more that he just didn't have much of a reaction at all to anyone doing anything. to me, this made him an extremely easy child to hold cuz he didn't wriggle and show interest in anything. but it made me wonder, was he alright? i think so, he's just...seditive.

the baby didn't fuss, he didn't giggle, he didn't do much of anything really, but he sure liked dora the explorer and Lucille Ball. rather, he didn't not like it. he just sorta sat and stared. i asked my friend for a few reassurances, and several times i turned him toward me, just to be sure he was still breathing, and blinking. cuz his body was kinda limp. except it wasn't, it was stuffed. he was like one of those heavy, sand~filled, clothe~body dolls that resembled real~babies {in fact, i think the dolls were called "real~babies"}. it was sorta unsettling.

the upside was that his mother was not startled or worried. this made me think, "k. this is normal for him". he just seemed so...heavy...and...sedate.

*the picture in this post is NOT my friend's baby, it's just a pic found on the web*

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  1. They are all different, those babies and he may just be more of an observer than a doer right now. But watch out when he gets his groove on!


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