19 September 2009

wedding/party update

of the 55 invitations we've sent out, we have received 22 replies. there are many others that we know whether or not they plan to come, but as we aren't the only ones involved in the planning, we've been asking folks to send us the replies or eMail us the information. that way, it makes it that much easier and more accurate for the wonderful woman who is hostessing the reception for us to better plan what is needed, who is coming, what they are bringing, who is not coming, and who we haven't heard from yet.

since the reply~cards are pre~addressed, pre~labeled, and pre~stamped; there really is minimal effort required~~just swirl your pen around and drop it in the post! or click on the reply button in eMail and send us a quick note. of course, there have been folks we thought were coming, who cannot. and those we thought weren't coming, who are. that's one of the main reasons that sending the reply card is a good idea: it takes the guess~work out of things!

so as anxious as we are to get the rest of the replies, the fact is that we are already ahead of the game. 22 replies of the 55 is a great success rate, as most wedding~peeps get only about a max of 80% replies. we already have 40% and are still six weeks out from the wedding. so really, we're in better shape than we'd've thought.

if you are one of the folks who has not responded yet, please do not assume that we know what your intentions are! help us out in our planning! or at the very least, be courteous. you can do that, can't ya? yeah, i thought so.

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