30 September 2009

"mrs lincoln" has arrived!

there are three bookclubs that i've recently joined, one i helped form, which is superkewl to be on the ground level of that one and with it since the beginning, right? yeup! one group is reading the 2009 title "mrs. lincoln: a life" by catherine clinton. it took me a little while to get it, cuz it's new and only avail in hardback. our local public library doesn't have it on the shelf yet {they have it, they are still doing the cataloging of it to put it out there for the public} and there are already holds on it!

so i half.com'd it. and it arrived yesterday. in preparation for it's coming in {and because it can be anywhere for same~day shipping to three weeks later they might put it in the mail}, i read up on the author and also some of the folks that wrote reviews for it {which interestingly are all associated with the author, one was even her major prof when she was earning her PhD}. and i read up some on mary lincoln {who never really used the often bandied about "mary todd lincoln"}; so that i could get a better picture of what is already out there and just what does this particular title add to the general knowledge of its subject area.

so the book came in the mail yesterday and i'm ready to get started! wahoo! after i check the mail and reinforce the last floor that was laid this past week. wahoo!

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