29 September 2009

cuz imma goober

last night, i wrote a very long eMail that covered lots of updates {subject line read: all the tids and bits you can sprinkle on yer salat} and then, i got to reading wiki's entries on Richard Dawkins. i had heard of him, but wasn't really able to pin down what it was i'd heard about him. and the reason i'd even wanted to know was cuz i recently joined three bookclubs. one is newly formed and meets on campus and our book of the month is "guernsey literary and potato peel pie society" by mary ann sheffer. one is an interactive online group that is basically eMailed reviews to/for the local paper and our book for this month is "mrs. lincoln: a life". and the other is BookTalk, which has been around for a few years and bills itself as {*ahem*} "a free online reading group and book discussion forum for discussing quality fiction and nonfiction books".

the BookTalk nonfiction title for the last two months was richard dawkin's the selfish gene, which is the prequel to the book for the next two months, which is richard dawkin's the extended phenotype. so my jerry brought home MSU's copy of the selfish gene yesterday and i didn't even get into the foreward before i was taking notes of things i needed to look up. then i read the preface and was all like, "dudes, the theories!" and i was sorta feeling like i was back in grad school again.

so i started wiki'ing richard dawkins and the clicking on other links in the article so that i could read up on those things about dawkins, his theories, the people, organizations, etc. so i only got halfway thru the main richard dawkins entry before i realized that somehow i ended up way off course and was reading up on minerva, the goddess similar to athena. i'm not exactly sure how i got there, and how she relates to richard dawkins, but i am sure it was thru the clickable links that trailed away from him to her.

then i realized along and about then that it was about 3:30am and so i toddled off to bed, slightly chilled {it was our first night below fifty degrees} and then woke up an hour and a half later, sweated thru. so got up and took a shower and got all nice and squeaky clean. spent a few minutes with my jerry before he zoomed off to work, and woke my mom up so she can begin her trip back to arkansas.

cuz i'm a goober, i will end up paying for last night's late excursion into the depths of dawkins. i figure along about ten this morning, i'll hit a major slump and start to wind down like one of those figures on that one depression commercial. but! before then, i'm hoping to get to the library and back again. then slump away. cuz it'd be better to slump here at home than in the car at traffic light number six.

i'm just saying.

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