12 September 2009

tids and bits

i woke up, cuz i thought i heard the phone ring. but whoever it was, didn't leave a message. so i went back to bed {after brushing my teeth and washing my face, cuz i like the fresh feeling and ewww skanKeeeeness is ewwww} and i was gonna read for a few minutes. but my shaddow lane got all agitated and so i thought she wanted to go out, i need to pee when i first wake up, i figure she does too!

but when i opened the door for her, she shrank back and just looked at me with those puppy~dog eyes of hers. so i thought, since i'm up anyway, go on and post an entry, check my eMail, stuffs like that. so i let the lil doggies and shaddow all out. she went, but only cuz i was standing at the door. i'm not sure why she's all hesitant to go outside, but i've been keeping an eye on her and i think she's starting to go blind.

she has cloudy eyes now. maybe cataracts, i'm not sure. and i know if i were going blind, i'd be scared of getting out into the great outdoors where things are looming large, waiting to scare the crap outta me. so, i try to reassure her as much as possible.

my jerry is feeling some better. but i think he is gonna rest today, instead of getting out to mow, mow, mow our mote. tomorrow, one of his grandson's turns one year old and so his birthday party is to be here, at jerry's. i don't think we need to do anything for it, but i'm not too sure. at any rate, his lil tux~onesie and shorts are hanging in the closet. jerry also got his own t~shirt with a tux on it. so maybe i'll be able to post pix!

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  1. Pics would be just great! Sorry Jerry's not feeling too well.

    Got some mail last week and I am remiss in that I haven't e-mailed yet.

    WAY COOL!!! And I'll be e-mailing soon with some, you know, indepth thoughts. hehehe


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