17 September 2009


yea!! today, i went to the AR/MS border, and picked up my mother and brother to spend a week or so with me. my brother has never been to miss'ippi before, so "welcome!". they are here to help me with the house. we're going to clean, paint, and lay new floors in the rooms in the addition. there will still be plenty to do afterward, in future visits, like painting the master suite and laying down new flooring in the master bath. however, our main priority at this point for this visit is to finish the addition's rooms and move all the piled~up furniture {that's occupying the majority of the dining area} into the those rooms, thus allowing those rooms to be used for our wedding guests.

i'm really excited about this, cuz we're moving closer and closer to the wedding time~frame, and i'd really like to have as much of the house guest~ready as possible. there will be more than a ton of stuff to do. see, back in the spring of the year, we'd stacked and stored tons of stuff in a couple rooms, to later be unpacked, sorted, and arranged into their permanent places after we had the rooms finished. so there is the finishing to do, the stuff to arrange and set~up, and then too, all my home from the farm needs to be moved over to here {which i have not done because there isn't a place ready for it to go into}.

and then there is the stuff regarding the wedding/party itself. the pace is stepping up! and we're all stepping up with it. grins!

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  1. Yep. Only 6 more weeks until the wedding. Be here before you know it! Glad you & the family made it back safely!


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