03 September 2009

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i mooched this last month and with all that's been going on, i'm just now finishing it. it's a lot better than i had thought it might be. i thought it would be a droll, light hearted, light read; but it is actually quite detailed and multi~layered. there are explorations of politics, dictatorships, annexing and successions and reannexing, stereotypes, discriminations, assassinations, fanaticism, and some rather poignant points are made.

i will go on to read some other titles by this author. our local public library carries some, and the others are avail thru the consortium or interlibrary loan. i'm not sure how much reading i can do in the next couple months, but if i don't get to them right away, that's alright! they'll still be there!

i recommend this if you have any interest in stories told from a different perspective than the classic tale. i also think that you need to read all the Oz titles, not just the one we all know, but L. Frank Baum wrote others too. And seven other folks continued the series after his death. Baum also wrote other stories that had nothing to do with Oz, including a wonderful look at "the life and times of santa claus".

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