23 October 2007

"write your representative"

ok, ya know how you're always hearing stuff like, 'write your representative' or 'write your congressman' or whatnot?  well so maybe you didn't, but where i'm from, it was always the case.  in fact, it got to be such a stand-by line that anytime we had a complaint about anything, i'd cry, 'k, who do i write?' in an mock-outraged and outrageous voice.  it worked to alleviate bitching and moaning, about stuff like the weather (cuz really, who can ya write about the weather?  so quicherbichin)

in fact, when i was in high-school, our typing classes (those were pre-computer days, shut up) used the ole stand-by standard and would type out letters to our representatives on a regular basis.  well most of the class did, i usually wrote letters to the editor (cuz that's what my grandfather was forever doing, writing long detailed letters to the editor that would get sent in about two months too late, but he sure told them, by gummit!).

so a few of you may remember about ten days or so ago when i posted a letter that i was sending to my representative.  well, i did.  i sent it to him and 110 other state reps and 3 congressmen from our state.  it's the shotgun strategy, fire at 'em all and you're bound to hit something.

so earlier today, i was online and saw a call coming in (i have a little pop-up box that tells me when someone is calling me when i'm on dial-up, handy) and i was perplexed cuz i didn't recognize the number nor the name but lo! and behold! it was the representative that i wrote to specifically (because he has proven to be an effective advocate for those with mental illnesses and brain disorders in our state, and believe me, in Mississippi, that is REALLY saying something).  dudes!  he called to say that he got my letter and has already called a few folks, including the director of financial aid at msu, and suggested then suggested that i return his call at such and such a number at such and such a time so that we could discuss the situation in more detail.  the representative also said that he would like to have the go-ahead from me to contact the congressmen from our state so that we could perhaps make some progress on the federal level, seeings as to how it IS a federal office we are dealing with here.

i've been yippittee-skippittee all evening!  (it's kinda hard not to get my hopes up, even if i do get em dashed and smashed).  so i plan to call the my state rep tomorrow and i'm just so scattered i can't settle down enough to get some sleep.  wahootee-woot!

sometimes, letter-writing skills do help further the cause.


  1. Are yer rested now?  Nice to read that someone, somewhere else, reads too.  Good luck!

  2. I've always found that calling their office directly almost always gets a phone call back.  GOOD FOR YOU!!!

  3. APPLAUSE!! Sometimes the system works!



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