13 October 2007

born stupid

sometimes i gotta ask, "were you born stupid or did your momma raise you up that way?"  (hell, sometimes i ask my own damn self that, particularly if i consume coffee grounds in a shake when i'm craving sleep).  tonight, i watched a drunk man get into his pretty lil souped up four wheel drive after falling over while attempting to reassure his girlfriend/wife/lay that he was fine, jush fine dammit gimme t'keys.  i then watched him hurl himself into door, bounce back, open door, and then hurl himself into the driver's seat.  then, i watched his sexpot/slut/bimbo sigh dramatically (boys, whatcha gonna do?) and get in on the passenger's side.  i then watched them pull out into traffic after attempting to start the engine while it was already running (your starter thanks you, hear the grinding it is making?).  and then, well, then i realized that i was an idiot for being a bystander and allowing an obviously inebriated fellow who was so not in the capacity to drive, do just that, drive off and endanger others.

why?  cuz i'm a coward.  and i was born stupid.


  1. I'm a coward too...and what could you have done?  Hopefully he'll get nabbed at a checkpoint one of these days.


  2. Nah, you're smart.  If you'd taken out your phone to call ... that might've started a confrontation.

    The secret is to wait until they pull off (whomever they may be), then dial 911 with a complete description of the vehicle, the PLATE # and the direction of travel.

    Then, you won't berate yourself for not doing something ... but always first and foremost be safe for yourself first.


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