13 October 2007

etiquette, get some and use it

My guy got here a little later than usual tonight and we both were very hungry.  So we scarfed down half a goat each (but not the same goat) and then left for the Mexican place.  No, not really.  We waited to eat the goat til we got to the Mexican place.  No, not really.  We ended up getting our goat to go.

Actually, that's not true either.  Why?  Cuz those Damn College Kidz (otherwise known as "whippersnappers") were acting like drunken idiots.  Why?  Cuz they were.  Drunk.  And idiots.  And when you get lots of drunk idiots together, it becomes downright unbearable.  Unless I am one of them.  But since I haven't been drunk since...uhm....more than five years ago (yes, it's true, my guy has never had the pleasure of dealing with my drunk ass) and since I am clearly not an idiot (watch yourself, buster), I was not blindly indulging in joyful abandon as I slurred loudly and insistently that "I love ya, Dude, I rilllleee do...say!!  lisssen ta me, I got sumpin portan ta ssay!  i love alll ya'lll  yep i do" (belching liquidy sounds while throwing up in my mouth a lil)  Boy, them inconsiderate pansies ruined what coulda been a very nice digestive evening spent ruminating with my honey.

And they got my goat.

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