05 October 2007

peevish pets

i just had a whole big entry and lost it to the aol/aim monster machine.

basically it was about my dogs and how they usually have no problem sharing; but these three strange mutts that no one will claim have taken to hanging here ALL THE TIME, trying to get in the house, trying to get in the car, and basically squeezing shaddow and ziggee out of what's theirs by all rights.  and i was saying that usually they share, but here lately, i think they peevishly want what's theirs to be theirs and who can blame them?

except the entry that was lost said it more eloquently and with panache.  hey, i can't call this stuff up after i get it down on paper, so to say.  once it flows out the fingers, it's gone.  that's why i save it as journal entries.  damn aol/aim.


  1. Oh, I know your pain.  I had the same thing happen to me this morning.  I do know some folks write their entries in word and then put them in their journals.  

    Maybe we trust too much.  LOL

  2. Hahaha oh I so know that feeling....I mean the losing entries that is not the sharing my food hehehehe. You are so funny I love reading your entries...


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