15 October 2007

my excuse? my sleep was interrupted.

after seeing my guy off this early still dark morning, i was still groggy but very hungry.  knowing that i'd only be hungrier later, and even more tired; i took the steps to resolve both conditions.  i set the beans on the stove to do the two minute boil, intending to turn them off to stew like the directions say.  i read a short story but kept nodding off, and once the pot boiled and toiled, bubbled and brewed, i turned the flame off and went to bed to sleep off the rest of the woozy fog.

only to waken to an offal nightmare.  the smell of burnt beans cannot be described adequately.   the entire mess of beans was bone-dry and the gas flame was merrily leaping about under the pot.  instead of turning it off earlier, i'd cranked it up the rest of the way.  gahhhhhhhhhh!

hope i didn't ruin the copper-bottomed pot.


  1. Oh man, I hate when that happens!

  2. It could have been so much worse!  Be grateful for the bad smell if you've still got a roof over your head!  Yikes.



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