13 October 2007

and you don't because...?

there is a particularly pesky and presumptuous (he's preposterous, too) person who comes into lj's regularly and so we are nodding acquaintances.  that is, i wish he would merely nod then move on.  sigh.  alas, this he does not do.  instead he passes judgment and tosses his two cents around like he has it to spare (given his brainlessness, i'd suggest that he save those cents, til they are more common anyway).  a prime example of his idiocy was several weeks ago when the sun was scorching the paint off the pavement and i was sitting at one of the tables in direct line of the fan's life-sustaining disturbance of air.  the popinjay walked in, saw me looking at some abstract artwork by a variety of artists, including jason pollock, and declared, "i can do better'n that!"  yet he seemed flummoxed when I asked, "and you don't because...?"

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  1. 'Cause he's a popinjay!  LOL


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