28 October 2007

happy samhain

happy halloween
happy harvest
happy however you decide to celebrate the day/time of the year

the last few days i've been keeping myself occupied with books and knitting needles and crochet hooks and yarn and ripping and purling and re-ripping.  and haven't been on the computer, not even a smidgen.  my guy has been here and usually on the weekends of late, he needs the computer, access to the net, and access to his stuff, so we set up both computers for him to use and i occupy myself in some other fashion.

good news!

he is defending his dissertation proposal friday morning!  yea!!  he is in a mad scurry now with application for internships and all the accompanying paperwork and such.  for the past coupla days, he has been checking out appic and their listings of internships sites and those hosting websites and all that other gory stuffs.  there are a ton and a half of places with deadlines coming up (but are still viable options) and once applications are made, then there are the interviews with prospective places and positions (we are talking national here; i think for the most part that he will be focusing on the southeast region, but there are a few far-flung possibles).  all of it culminates with match-day in february (i think).  then there is acceptance or clearing house and blah blah blah.  the whirlwind never dies.

at this point, he needs to complete the master app for appic, plus all the individual apps; and make sure that the folks that are writing letters of recommendation have done so (or are soon to do so), and obtaining official transcripts from all post-secondary schools, and essays and such.  i'm not sure but i think he has to sign over the rights to his first born son and give 12 pints of blood, two gallons of spit, and a pear in a fig-tree (i'll be coming to see you, russ.  wink).

i expect things will get busy in more ways than one.

i've heard a few things from a few key peeps re:  student loan forgiveness.  there are a few things that i want to stay on top of.  like the fact that i haven't heard from the ombudsman since the initial contact a few weeks back.  and i still haven't heard anything from my review of continuation (the examiner told me a month ago i would be hearing something in two weeks).  i've called and left a message inquiring about the status of my case last week.  i will call again tomorrow.  i need to get my flu-shot (way overdue, but i keep forgetting to do it, bad on me).  my mom is probably coming next weekend for a few days, adn she will teach me (and my friends) how to bake bread.  it will be great to visit with her and share crafts and such.  however i always get twitterpated when i know mom is coming, a whirlwind of cleaning and tons of questions of, dude, is she gonna notice that i haven't cleaned the shower lately and will the dog hair in the corners be a problem and omg debra don't forget to wash the bedding before she gets here...

more later

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  1. I always thought it was a partridge in a PEAR tree.... ;)


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