04 October 2007

just sayin'

yea!  my new-found blender works very nicely; blended that blackberry smoothie right up.  yum!

by the way, i just thought i'd share one of my slow-on-the-uptake times from a few years back.  there was this guy that would leave this "<3" at the end of certain lines when im'ing me.  i didn't realize it was a heart.

i thought he was showing me that he had an erection (and a very pointed one at that) and two perfectly rounded testicles.  if ya tilt your head to the left, you might see the same.

turns out it was a "heart-on" he had.


  1. You are very funny!!! /btw I am very jealous a blackberry smoothie sounds so yummy right now...even as late as it is hehehhe...smiles...

  2. ladymagnolia1963Friday, 05 October, 2007

    Blackberry smoothie sounds soooo good!

    Well, you gave me my first morning giggle Ü...I guess I always knew it was a heart only because my BFF told me. But I can see your point hehe no pundt intended Ü.

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. You're funny.  I've always known it's a heart and still think it resembles a ... you know, 'heart-on'.  How silly.  ;)

  4. I used to make smoothie's all the time, until my blender broke.......Hmmm definitely going on my Christmas List. Thanks for the smile today, I could see your point (winks). (Hugs) Indigo

  5. I didn't know what <3 was for the longest time either.   I thought it just meant "less than three"....and the person using it had low self-esteem.  I'm slow.



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