25 October 2007

filet'ed roses

they're tasty!

no, not really.  i'm talking about crochet.  ya know that lace that has some solid blocks in it?  like ya know, it's sorta woven into it? table runners, doilies, tableclothes, curtains, bedspreads...wait, here, let me show you an example:

so, yeah, ya know what it was, it's just my explanation sucked.  it's actually easy to do this sort of thing.  filet is a mixture of two meshes, some are open and some are filled.  both meshes are a combination of chain stitches and double crochet.  the hardest part is initially learning it accurately, so that you can understand the entire scope because there is alot of planning that goes into it.  if you mess up, it's not so easy to fix; so it requires some amount of attention (albeit minimal at times).

over the last couple days, i read about it and tried to understand the instructions.  now you might remember that i first read crochet instructions (and began to follow them, well, some of them) only a couple months ago.  so it was with great trepidation that i picked up the hook and cotton yarn last night.  i wanted to make sure each and every stitch was done perfectly, because it can mess ya up later if you don't do the foundation stitches right.

it's fun and appeals to my more spacial-related parts; altho, the graph can seriously mess with my eyes (cuz small repetitive patterns like boxes can create some nausea and some vertigo), so that might not have been the wisest choice of stitch combinations for me to pick.

but those filet'd roses are soooooooooooo pretty!

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