05 October 2007

Here's the answer

A friend of mine (not the same one with the lil girls, Three and Eight; i lied, i have TWO friends) asked me the other day why she has no pix of me.  She takes pix of everything and everybody.  I think most everyone in today's world of digital cameras, disposables, videos, web-cams, etc takes a gazillion pix every friggen day.  Folks catalog their kids' growth, their dogs' growth, and their moles' growth.  I don't even own a camera and the most recent pic I have of me was one I took in October 2004 (with my guy's web-cam, which is now missing the install-disc, totally coincidental, i swear).

I told my friend that the reason she has no pix of me three-fold:  1.  she hasn't taken any of me.  2.   i haven't given her any of me.  and 3.  i look like a turtle.  To which she replied that a. (she always has to be different, she just does) she lives how many states from me and doesn't get to see me much less take pix of me, b.  well give her one then, and c.  wtf?!?

so i submit the following as evidence.

me in October 04, in my pseudo-intellectual brown corduroy hat, for when i wanna look like i may be smart (and since i don't have a jacket with the elbow patches, i take what i can get):

the 'can you draw me?' turtle, usually found on the back of matchbooks, ad for mail-correspondence art course, back in the day:

see the resemblance?  nuff said.


  1. LOL  You do NOT look like a turtle!  
    Great entry!

  2. I was so far off the mark with what I pictured you looking like.  It's like radio DJs...they never look like what you think.  You don't look like the turtle, but you two have similar taste in hats.  ;)


  3. You so do not look like the turtle hahaha so funny how we see ourselves!! I tried on a hat while shopping with a friend once and she cracked up laughing so hard she nearly peed her pants...bitch...hehehhe kidding...She said I looked like some comedian that used to scream all the time can't remember his name but WTF? I looked like a guy? Good thing I don't have delicate feelings and waited to get home to cry heheheh kidding or NOT!!! hahahaha. Anyway you have a great smile and appear to be a very genuine fun person...smiles...

  4. what is most evident, is your warm sense of humor which may now be seen through your smile!

    Yes, you are so right..I too...am sitting in a sea of disposable cameras, digital cameras, web cams, etc, etc...and do not have a photo of myself!

    Marc :)

  5. Love the hat and smile. Your beautiful with your sense of humor and love of life. As for pictures, the last one I had taken of me was 3 years ago. When I had long Red hair. (Yeah I went through a faze of trying not to be Native). Now I'm back to my blk hair and it's a hairs breadth longer than what your sporting in the picture. (Hugs) Indigo

  6. Oh, I have lots of photos of me, but alas, I choose not to share them.  I mean, c'mon, who wants to see a middle-aged, frumpy, rolly-poly me?  Don't ask.  I won't.

    But you my dear, your picture meets your writing ... head on. I am so very glad you posted your picture!


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