29 October 2007

wahoo...and other yippettee-skippettees

Altho the student loan discharge mess is still ongoing (i've not heard from the ombudsman, other than the initial contact; but! apparently she has lots to say to other official peeps who have informed me of stuff~which is her job, which makes me think, what else is her job that she isn't following thru on...?), I do have excellent news on other fronts.

i got my flu shot this morning (yea!)

i also went to campus (my guy did his master's studies here) and went to the registrar's office and got fifteen (15) official transcripts in signed with blood, sealed with super glue sticks, and stamped in five different colors of ink (one which disappeared as soon as she stamped it~~muwahhhhahhahha) so that my guy can apply for various and sun-dried internships.

i discovered that i can crochet and knit lots better than i thought (including crocheting a stitch that looks exactly like stockinette knitting; damn-skippee, i'm good!).

my young friend, eight, presented me with my very own special fob that she has labored over and perfected this last month.  it was well worth the wait.

AND the best news of all, ya know that matter of the continuation review that i've been waiting to hear a decision on for like 6 months?  ok, it's only been 5 months (but in their own policy for procedures it states that the process should take 90 days max, that's like uhm way different than 150+, ya know?  i'm just sayin').  the point is tho that i'm glad it's a done deal for the time being.  cuz when i got the mail today, there was a very official looking envelop from the Social Security Administration.

it says that they recently reviewed the evidence and have decided to continue my benefits cuz girl, you crazy.  no, they didn't say that.  the psych eval dude said that.  no, he didn't say that.  what he said was, "good god girl, if they don't continue your disability, they won't continue anyone's".  and that's a dude that the social security administration hires to tell them things that weigh in their favor so they don't have to continue payments.

to all the taxpayers, thanks!  i appreciate your dollars helping my to pay rent and see my doctors and counselors and get my seven (7) daily meds so that i can function at the level i do.  i know sometimes people grumble when they see me use my food-stamp card to buy those vegetables, yogurts, and other non-essential items like milk, cheese, and the (occasional splurge, gasp) .59 cent chicken thighs...and i apologize for not being in a better place, or to continue to function at the pace i was...so i just wanna let ya know, i appreciate the portion each of you help me with.  thanks, dudes!


  1. GOOD NEWS!!  What a relief!


  2. Well, good news comes in fun packages girl!  You sound upbeat and that's nice.  You're welcome for my one/onegazillionth of a dollar toward your 'upkeep'.  You booby ... those of us who can do ... thos of us who can't want to ... Do not apologize for what you have no control over.  And recognize in yourself the woman who would if she could.


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