18 October 2007

Masterpiece Theater

Yeah, ok, so I lied.  It's more a hybrid of two websites I wanted to share, then an attribute to the classic show.  I'm feeling my wit draining away, into the slow ebb.  and this is the best i can come up with at the moment.

   This is a pic I've wanted to share from the gallery over here at Masterpiece Pumpkins.  Check out there designs that cover a range from autumn to weddings.  You can find animals and portraits, scary stuff and sweet stuff, and lettering and logos.  Some of them are simple and have a low difficulty level, while others are complex and truly require master's skillz of deft turns with the knife.  I love trees, leaves, and vines; so the one I've selected to show above is just right for me.

   The other website is fitting, being that this week a very special 3D version of Nightmare Before Christmas is being released into the theaters.  This site has links for several scripts of horror films, including Alien/s, Final Destination, Nightmare on Elm Street, and of course Nightmare Before Christmas.

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