26 October 2007

because imma ijjut

so earlier this evening i call mom to wish her happy birthday and also to find out when she is coming this next weekend (not this weekend, but next weekend; i never know what to call it so 'this next' covers it).  then i called a friend (omg, they are popping up everywhere, i tell you) to let her know when mom is coming over (when i say over, i mean oooover, i live on the east side of ms and she lives on the west side of ar, so oooooooover is 8 hr drive over) cuz my mom is gonna teach me and all two of my friends how to bake bread.  my friend, the one i called (not the mother of eight and three), was musing to me while penciling me in on the calendar (she said she would use pen, but the ink runs backward and she can't get it to write.  yeah, that's what she said.) and i hang up and really quickly call mom back.

me:  omg, mom you can't come visit me then!
mom: uhm, hm?
me (gushing anxiously):  you'll miss tuesday.
mom:  and this is important why?
me:  cuz you'll miss Election tuesday.
me (as it slowly sinks in that we can't vote for a new friggen pres til next year):  right, then.  can't wait to see you.  loveyouhappybirthdayb'bye.

all this is like two months' worth of phone activity for me.  and way too exciting.  i'm tired, g'n'nite.

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