16 October 2007


ok, i got that the entries that were gone monday have now come back.  goody!  but all the entries that i posted last night and early this AM are now gone, missing thru no fault of my own.  and it pisses me off.  cuz i've received comments on those entries thru alerts and i can't even access the entry so i can read the complete comment.  and ya know, if for some reason aol/aim is pissed about some unbeknownst to me TOS violation, then for pity's sake, notify me of such a snit fit so i have a clue of what happened.
lost in Starkville's walmartZ


  1. I have no idea what happened with AOL...the journals have gone down before, but the aftermath was never quite this bad.  Damn AOL.


  2. Grrr.  I was worried about your Grandma story going missing.  They (AOL) put back the entrie from 10/15/07 but it seems we've lost the early morning entries of 10/16/07.  Who knows if they'll make their way back in to our journals?  Frustrating as all get out.  I was po'd too.  It's no TOS violation on your part -- it happened all over the place.  Grrr.  Double Grrr.


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