19 October 2007

A Strong Daring Woman

  Martha Plimpton,

 Judi HeartSong,

  and I share a birthday.

Well, Martha and I share the exact same date (look at my screen name for a clue *gasp*); but we don't know each other.  I do admire her tho, in more ways than one.  And I am contemplating bangs, like those pictured (in Martha's pic; not mine, i already can achieve that inverted alfala look with no problem, even have barrettes).

Judi and I don't share the same year, but we do share the same day, and we do know each other.  And since the entry I did promo'ing her call for the October Artsy Essay has been one that has been sacrificed to the tantrum-child (aim/aol) latest fit on the early morning hours of Tuesday 16th October, I thought I'd give at least a mention here, again.  The other original entry was so much more witty, but that was then and this is now.  And I'm contemplating entry (to Judi's essay call; not Martha, altho wouldn't that be a scream?!?).

By the way, in the above pic, I am 4 and very happy cuz I am wearing my very favorite sweatshirt.  And I was a happy kid, it took so lil to amuse me, which was good, cuz i provided most of my own amusement.  That pic was my beloved Grandma's favorite (my maternal grandmother was much, much different from the paternal grandmother who starred in a recent entry).  My friend, Ferah, recognized me when she saw this pic (altho she didn't first met me til some 25 yrs later) because she says that my hands are exactly the same.  And they are.  Except bigger.


  1. Ms Plimpton is a class act all the way.   Love that pic of little you!


  2. thank you for the contest toot (yet again) and I love your picture.

    Big hugs,


  3. I've loved Martha Plimpton ever since PARENTHOOD.  Then, out of the blue, I tuned into an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent last season and she had a guest starring role.  She's still as excellent as ever.  Why doesn't she do more.  
    So your birthday is June 6, 1970?

  4. So, you are one year younger than when I graduated from high school.  You still have so much to learn.  LOL!!!


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