08 October 2007

This Entry Brought to You by Butt Paste and Sex Wax

My guy is fervently working on his proposal for his dissertation.  It's coming down to the wire and he is just as tense.  So this weekend, when he was here, I offered to let him set up both his and my laptops so that he could refer to articles on-line while moving around his document.  Yes, I do know that you can do that on one computer (and he usually does).  But toggling back and forth can get extremely frustrating when attempting to double check something that would just be so much easier if it had its own monitor.  Just trust me.  It made his life easier and by proxy, mine.

Since I was not going to have access of my own computer and wanted to distract myself so that I didn't drive him nuts with helpful hints and suggestions (thus negating the effect of attempting to provide a less stressful environment for his working pleasure), I decided to have another go at the collage project.  For a project is just what the whole mess became.  Actually, I did find my stride and was able to amuse myself for hours upon hours (much like a child with glue, scissors, and glossy magazines).  The juxtaposition of my collaging and his dissertation didn't set all that well with me, but I am not going there (no, debbie, don't).

Once I got over my horror of willfully cutting into the printed page (defacing a perfectly intact publication, gasp, oh the triggered trauma!), I gleefully clipped and pasted with abandon.  The ads provided me with the most amusement (I tried to smother my crows and cackles, don't distract the muse while he is working), as can be seen here:

  I want to try this product, for my silly self.  Hell, I just want to leave a tube of it next to the toothpaste on my bathroom counter when mom comes to visit.  What a conversation starter that would make!

There was a brief article warning parents that their impressionable teens might give way to the peer-pressure and chew sex-wax because 'all the cool kids are doing it'.  I know sex-wax (the best for your stick) is a surfer supply, but the name is enough to inspire landlocked markets.  Plus, sex-wax comes in a variety of flavors, thus begging the point that ifit were not meant for the mouth, why would it be flavored.  Now some surfers say that chewing sex-wax removes the salty, gritty polluted taste of the ocean that lingers after a wipe-out.  I say to the silly parents that might be having worries over their kid chomping on the product, "dudes, did you not eat a similar product called "wax-lips" yourselves, coveting them as treats and using them for your own costumes not all that long ago?!?", thus defusing yet another media-hyped moment of hysteria.

debra saves the day, again.


  1. Bravo!  (on saving the day again)  But hey, I gotta ask -- what is butt wax for?  I mean, the butt, but what about the butt?  You know?

  2. butt paste is actually an ointment similar to A&D and other diaper rash treatments.  usually these pastes, ointments, treatments can be used for wound-care in general; minor burns (including sunburn and those pesky oven marks on the wrist), scratches, and insect bites respond well.  it's 16% zinc oxide and the rest of it is a blend of balms, oils, moisturizes, and other stuff that soothes inflamed skin.  dr boudreaux even has an rv (the butt mobile) and travels about promoting the product.  you can also visit the website, and get a free sample sent to you.  or visit walmart, walgreens, etc and get a tube to try.  (enough with the spokesperson routine, debra)

  3. I'm SO thankful I don't have kids...human ones anyway.


  4. so we may assume from your cutouts that you let your subscription to the National Geographic expire!  :)...Marc


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