01 October 2007

Hella Booty Bugs

So I'm visiting my friend (yes I only have one) this evening as her two lil girls are getting ready for bed.  They had just gotten finished watching Dora, the Explorer.  So the oldest, Eight, tells me that she can mix greetings.  She explains, "'hola' is hello is spanish and hello is hello in english."  And I can't argue with that, and really, why would I want to?  Then she goes on, "so mixed together, it's "HELLA"!!"  I did manage not to choke on my water, but I did catch her mother's warning glare and refrained from encouraging her to use that as often as she can.  Cuz I thought it was a hella good idea.  But she isn't my lil girl, and I want to remain friendly with her mom (cuz she's my only friend, remember?).

Anyway, the two girls are in their nighties and are ready for bed (teeth are brushed, faces washed, and hair is tied up and covered; sounds Lil House on the Prairiesque, doesn't it?).  The youngest, Three, gives me biggest kisses and huggles and as she's running off to bed, she warns, "don't let the Booty Bugs bite!"

Too late.  They already have.  I got me some big-ass booty.


  1. A "booty bug" sounds like something you should draw!


  2. Oh  my gosh!  Out of the mouths of babes comes some of the cutest words ... and I thought booty bugs made you itch, not grow. I'd better check my linens.

  3. Kids say the cutest things! (Hugs) Indigo


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