24 October 2007

Bad Body/Brain Day

The weather on Monday put us all in a drowsy mode.  Tuesday was chilly, indeed it was colder during the day than it had been the previous night.  Wednesday (oh yeah, today) is even more chilly, probably it seems that way because I've got slush for circulation and once I'm cold, I can't get warm.  So my body is having a bad day today, the rain is kicking my arthritis into great swollen proportions.  The condition of my brain is not much better (it too is swollen, and I have big head syndrome).  Ok, that's not true, but I feel like my brain is severely congested and so I'm having difficulties functioning and focusing.  But Friday and thru the weekend, it is to warm up and be sunny (unseasonable, I tell you!) and I may have thawed out in time for the next big chill.

(but debra, you say, turn the friggen heater on!  and to that, i say, great idea, thanks! and well i have a gas space heater and it's not in the condition to be fired up yet.  i'm working on it, but i'm slow, see above)

california, i'm feel for your plight; it must surely be awful.  perhaps the fires there and the chill here could meet up and balance each otehr out.  but ya know, without all the damage and loss of life and property.


  1. Fall can give me a fuzzy brain too at times -- but Summer is so much worse.  To me it is.


  2. Man, send the cold my way.  I'll hook it up with ours.  The colder the better.  It's the heat that messes me up.


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