01 February 2009

sssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper bowl

wow. dudes, i'm a "football for dummies" kinda gal, but i gotta say, "wow". today's superbowl just blew me away. and i'm not referring to the commercials {tho some were kick-ass, my fave was the insects who orchestrated the coke heist}. but the game, the game was awesome.

i like close games, cuz it seems like the teams are well-matched and you get to see some real good playing {this holds true regardless what sport it is}. i also love to see those amazing plays that just wow the crowd; ya know, those plays that even a complete dummy know is worth getting sooooo excited about.

if you want a good game, this was it. it had it all, thrills, chills, scores, and a few times when even i ended up urging, 'go-go-go-Go-Go-Go-GO-GO-GO-GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' til i slid forward and perched on the edge of my seat; as tho the added volume and scant extra few inches would propel the lil running dude on the tv screen to left those legs a little higher and put on some speed.

wow. sigh. wow.


  1. That game was awesome! I loved it and it didn't matter one bit that the Pats weren't playing. hehehe


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