16 February 2009

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whew, dude! i'm hoping i had a 24 hour bug that is showing me its backside cuz i can't take this feverish body-aches breaking into sick sweats and all. i was feeling on the shady side of ill all day and i feel sooooooooooooOOooooooooooo much better now, cuz i took a shower and rinsed away all the sour sweat. ewwww, but damn don't it make all the difference to have that fresh feeling! *wink*

my jerry has been reading the sookie stackhouse books (i think the formal name is The Southern Vampire Mysteries) by charlaine harris to me. he read the first one (dead until dark) before my mom came to visit and then this past weekend, he read the entire second book (living dead in dallas)! those two and the third one (club dead) are included into one book, as seen to the left<------. my jerry'd told me that the third one takes place in jackson (our state capital, rii'cher in miss'ippi).

jerry's been drinking more tea here lately, in part cuz when he reads aloud to me, he gets a bit of a dry throat. he is so sweet to me, constantly making pots of mint tea, apple/cinnamon, constant comment, and such and bringing me cup after sweetened cup. it's so very nice to be so spoiled. sigh. *blink*blink*

i understand that hbo has a series based on the sookie stackhouse books, called True Blood. Anna Paquin plays the heroine. maybe i'll catch it sometime; but i think i like the characters as created by jerry's voice and my imagination.

hope all y'all are feeling fine!


  1. Its my pleasure to share a book series that I enjoy. I hope to have you up to date by the time book 9 comes out in May.

  2. Oh no you didn't...sigh...yes, you did. You gave me something else to hook my reading claws into. I have almost an entire bookshelf of books waiting to be read and now I have more to add. Thanks for the heads up. Glad your feeling better now hon. Jerry definitely does spoil you! *winks* (Hugs)Indigo


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