07 February 2009

yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

{the rest of the song doesn't really apply, cuz i'm not feeling as tho it seems they're here to stay}

MeMom and I went to the Emerson Center {place where she will be holding her classes next week} to check out the room and also look over the list of students. Then we went to meet a dear friend for lunch and then we did something so typically girly-girl I felt a bit odd.

We all went shopping!

Now some of you may be thinking, so what? But I bet the vast majority are thinking, "wtf?!? debra?!? shopping? unforced? with others of the female persuasion?!?" and checking to see if it's been snowing in scorching places and certain wingless farm animals have taken flight. Yes, we did go shopping.

I had a lovely time. {gasp}

But dudes, it wore me out! My brain was all awhirling swirl and my heart was doing weird things. I did get the shaky sweats, ya know, accompanied by the prickling of the scalp and the tiny hairs at the nap of the neck standing straight up and waving to the crowds. It was exhilarating, but a bit scary cuz I kept thinking, "dude, i'm shop.ping sh.opp.PING" Looking at things I have no intention of actually buying. Things that aren't basic necessities; like food.

When Mom and I got home, we kicked back and watched a movie and then listened to "angels and demons" some and chatted with each other. It's a great visit and I'm so glad she came this way. Later, we are going to the library, then meeting Jerry for lunch, and I'm picking up a few friends, and we are going to Jerry's to watch "momma mia".

good times, good times that, good times.


  1. Thankfully someone who feels the same way about shopping. There is no escaping it when it comes to my daughter.

    Sounds like your Mom's visit is a keeping you wonderfully busy and loved! (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Just popping in to say hello to YOU and Your MOM!!!

    I've been, er, in absentia just 'cause.

    But haven't forgotten you.

  3. I'm the most impatient shopper/museum visitor IN THE WORLD. How was Mama Mia? I think I'd start screaming if I had to sit through that in a theater. Just sayin'.



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