05 February 2009

meet memom

MeMom arrived at my home this afternoon, yea! She'll be staying for about a week, teaching three classes next week at a local community center. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from one to four she'll be teaching basket weaving. Each day, she'll be focusing on a different type of basket. I'll include pictures, promise.

In addition to the basket classes, mom and I plan to spend time watching movies, chit-chatting and catching up, visiting with a few friends, drinking wine, eating, and all those other things mother and daughters do. So we got started this even with our lovely visit. Wasted no time!

My Jerry came over this evening, had a wonderful dinner of creamy rice with veggies in a chicken broth base. He and mom met and we all enjoyed a few hours of chatting and laughing and telling stories. Mom brought some mango/citrus wine that she'd made and we opened a bottle. Very tasty. So good.

The meeting of the mom went very very well!

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  1. ah ... the meeting of the parent. Always a bit tricky, but I think your Jerry probably passed inspectional services ....


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