26 February 2009

sssteeeeeve! hey, steeeeeve!!

there's something very soothing about thinking thru plans for the wedding. i never thought i'd be able to have fun with something like this. but that is my priority, to keep it simple and to have fun with it!

the thing that is very cool is that we have so many folks wanting to help out. jerry's son (jerry the second, or wayne, tho i've been known to call him 'steve' for no reason other than he looks like a 'steve' to me, but he probably won't answer to that, now would he?) is taking our music list and making the compilations for us and handling all the music during the ceremony and reception. jerry's son, chris (who really does look like a 'chris' to me, so i have none of those exasperating moments of sputtering an assortment of male names before i land on the right one; well, not yet anyway) is doing all the videography for us. my brother (mic, as in michael, he was mickey as a lil boy, but has never been mike, and almost always mic...as in jagger) will be doing all the still photography. jerry's youngest, mary (waving frantically) is doing the cake (yea!!). lots of folks are chipping in to help with the decorations (donna, jerry's coworker, is terribly excited about this) and set-up the morning of the reception; including jerry's middle child, donna (HIIIiiiiiiiiiii) who will also be heading up the tear-down/clean-up crew. she's very trustworthy with this cuz she's a bit ocd about that, and so is my mom and my landlady and me and well, many friends are so this will be a sorta fun task (or ya know, it could be).

of course my daddy is giving me away, escorting me out on the pier. i asked tho, cuz i didn't want to take it for granted and then get there the morning of and be all like, k, i'm ready and for him to be all like, kissing me on the forehead and then me standing there lakeside thinking uhm...where'd he go? but nope! daddy said, 'well of course' when i asked and he is also buying my spectacularly flattering dress which i've not yet actually posted a pic of. i might slip it in, with a bunch of other pictures so that the wiser of you can pick it out and go, ahhhhhhhh-yessssss, good choice, grasshopper, good choice.

i think i'm gonna go maid-less. cuz the pier and deck are gonna be cozy with all of us out there so no problem. besides, lots is falling into place. like i said, lots of folks are wanting to help out. so, yea!! yea for me!

we decided to do the big honeymoon trip for our first anniversary. that way, we can spread the fun and savor it. instead of trying to rush thru the wedding and get all the other stuff set to go. i think i'll be worn out and needing just a few days to be quiet and still. so we are thinking we can head for n'awlins for a few days (actually Grand Isle, i've been wanting to go for a few years) to just kick back and relax without feeling like we gotta do everything to eek out all the worth we've put into an expensive vacation. besides, that gives me another year to mess with passports and read up on traveling with meds and get all the anxiety issues taken care of. 'sides we don't wanna be adding to the money concerns and delaying the honeymoon trip gives us time to recoup a bit, doncha think that's a great idea?

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