18 February 2009

she wore what?!?!

after venturing to the dentists today, where i attempted to stifle my hacking cough so that i didn't end up splattering the good doc's face guard {he graciously reassured me that it was quite alright}; i stopped by the library where my lovely friend behind the desk informed me that i was looking a bit peaked and oughtta go home and get some more rest. which sounded like a fine idea to me and that's just what i did.

this evening, my jerry brought me soup and juice and gave me lots of snuggly hugs. ya know, the kind that make ya just go "aaaahhh.sigh" and yer eyelids flutter shut and in no time at all you're snuffling and making him stagger under yer dead weight. he made me the cream of chicken soup and poured it down my throat and pumped me full of grapefruit juice and then propped me in my pink armchair and stripped off my socks and wiggled my toes and massaged in some very nice soothing cool peppermint lotion. afterwards, he popped my tootsies back into some nice snuggly cotton cozy socks and dropped a kiss on my forehead and let himself out cuz dude, i was nice and relaxed and ready for a nice ole snooze.

but then i hadda pee. and that woke me up and so i decided so i was so lively to jump on line for a few minutes and omg, look what i found!

yeah, i don't know what the hell i was thinking either.

i really am feeling better.


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  1. You know my daughter would wear those shoes in a heartbeat. Sounds like Jerry knew just what you needed to feel better. I couldn't help but smile at the tale of laughing so hard you fart. Don't ever change dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo


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