26 February 2009

chitting and chatting and chuckling

Earlier today, I drove into town and chatted with the lovely lady who does my hair. Kristen is very very pregnant, she has only just a few weeks left. But she is HUGE and weighs about half again as much as she did before she got pregnant. Her lil girl is low and Kristen feels better when she is on her feet. But the problem is that her feet don't like it. But if she sits, the lil girl in her belly squirms and pushes and doesn't like that cramped position. So right now, Kristen is not too comfortable in any one position. Her lil girl is due on April Fool's Day.

That's awfully close to my Jerry's birthday and Kristen and I teased each other that since she married on my birthday, would it be funny if she gave birth on Jerry's birthday. Kristen at first thought this was great, til she realized that meant she would still be pregnant in another month. She is happy, but very tired. Exhausted.

Saturday morning, I've an appt to get my hair trimmed and thinned some. It's time and I don't want to go shorter, I wanna let it grow for the wedding in October. But in the meantime, I need some of this weight off, otherwise I won't come close to letting it grow before I snap and hack it all off my own damn self.

After we chatted and got all caught up, I went to see my friend Adria who is an artist and we got all caught up too. We discussed possibilities for the invitations and so I have a few things to share with my Jerry. Adria and I will do some mock-ups and then we'll eventually design, print, emboss, and such. The invitations will be wonderful and shouldn't end up costing us anything cuz I have a color printer and lots of card stock and Adria has lots of stamps and all the ink pads and other powders for embossing. The only cost to us will be the postage to send them out and the postage for the reply/confirmation. So yea!! Yea for me!!

The invitations often serve as a keepsake for others and helps to set the tone for the event. It provides information besides just the stated who/what/where/when, it will also let folks know that the location and style of the wedding and reception is to be dress-casual with lots of love and shared joy. It'll be cozy and fun and simple.

Adria offered to sketch a pier as the background for the invitation, which we will then print all the necessary info on. We will then personalize them with embossed maple leafs done is gold and bronze with green ivy. It will be a standard 8.5x11, with the lower half being a rip-away reply to return with confirmation, number of adults/children, and such. Then I will send out directions and such when it is closer to the time. This way, we'll have an idea of how many and what sort of dishes will be brought.

So all in all, today was a good day. I'm feeling lots better and my voice is only a little rough. I'm not hacking and sputtering nearly so much. Yea!! Yea for me!!


  1. HOORAY FOR YOU!!!!! I love the pic of the dock! Beautiful!

  2. Love the idea behind the invitations. An Autumn wedding is simply glorious! (Hugs)Indigo


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