26 February 2009

let's eat!

my jerry and i are looking at this whole thing as tho it's a special party for our friends and family to share in our celebrating our commitment. there happens to be a wedding ceremony attached to that special party. viewing it this way, helps us to keep perspective, that it's fun and happy and not a time to be getting way stressed over etiquette and custom and someone said it should be this way and you just absolutely have to wear this and that and all that other nonsense that doesn't really mean all that much to us anyway.

in the spirit of keeping it meanful for us, and asking folks to share in our happiness; we have decided to extend that to our reception as well. jerry and i will be supplying the baked chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs. along with the buns, etc. we also will be most likely providing the coffee and tea and some soda in coolers. but in lieu of gifts, we are asking everyone to bring a favorite side-dish.

we have a list of suggestions like: potato salad, macoroni salad, coleslaw, veggie plate, fruit plate, cheese plate, baked beans, green beans, relish tray, deviled eggs, garden salad, creamed corn, corn cobbettes, yeast rolls, grapes, apples, fresh fruits, banana pudding, case of soda, ice cream cups, mini-donuts, mini-cupcakes, mini-cookies, etc.

we want to be sure that there is something for everyone, including some folks that don't do meats, and others who do only raw/fresh foods, and some who can't have sugar. there will be quite a few kids there, and they don't always like wedding cake. that way too, folks can pick during the reception and not have to eat only for a scheduled 45 minutes or something.

we'll be using the multipurpose building and it has kitchen facilities, including a fridge/freezer and a stove/oven. we plan to be outside and to let folks choose to mill about. if it does rain, or get very cold, there is the building, plus a pavilion. i think we can find adequate parking and things will be fine.

there are a few folks who have already asked me if they could help with the reception and the hostessing of the food, drink, and such. i'm holding off on letting them know because i'm waiting to see if jerry's eldest would like to hostess for her dad's day. this is exciting!

i know that there are a billion details, but for right now, all the main stuff is falling into line. and we don't have to do it all within the next week or so, ya know? it's getting way past my bedtime, but i kept thinking, oh! i wanna do one more thing...

sleep sweet!

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  1. I KNOW! There is so much to do! We toyed with the idea of everyone bringing food too but in the end decided we didn't want the work that goes with it so we're looking at caterer's now trying to find something that won't bankrupt us!


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