25 February 2009

if music be the food of love, play on

My Jerry came over this evening and we went through our master music list and parred it down majorly! We now have the main songs that we want to be played at certain times, during certain things. For instance, for the bridal procession {a lofty way of saying when my father escorts me out the pier}, I'd like to play Etta James's At Last. Altho, if I run down the aisle, we could play Fools Rush In. Kidding aside, we both like the UB40's version of that, and so intend to have that played {some call it Can't Help Falling In Love}.

Then there is a list of songs that we for sure want to have played, like Kenny Chesney's You Had Me From Hello and Bob Marley's One Love. They aren't to be played at key moments, but we definitely want them to be played! There is a nice list of those.

Then there is a longer list of songs that we want to be included in the compilation to be played during the hours of the reception. We can probably play those during the set-up and also the tear-down/clean-up. We want to have those cd's for ourselves to play to reminisce about the special day when our friends and family witnessed our commitment with each other.

So, we're moving right along, getting stuff done! yea!!

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