18 February 2009

sharing my stupidittee {cuz i coulda kept it to myself, but i didn't, now did i?}

if you're anything like me, when something funny happens, ya just gotta share! even if it means that you coulda kept your dignity cuz no one was there to witness it; share the snicks, snorts, and guffaws.

and in this case, the farts.

i've not been feeling too perky these last coupla days, but did want to visit the dentist cuz i'm thinking my partial just wasn't quite fitting right. i mean, if it fit in the back, it was way too loose up front and if i got it to fit right up front, then the back would flop around and choke me. having just got the piece last week, i wanted to give time to adjust; but since it fell out while talking a few times {and i was pretty sure that wasn't spoda happen}, i decided a week was long enough.

so i called the dentist's office on monday. i felt so poorly that i just propped myself up long enough to make the call, fully intending to flop back down and roll over and go back to sleep. as i was lisping and warbling and slurring my words together and trying to enunciate {which on reflection is about as authentic sounding as a drunk carefully concentrating on shpekin as clearly as posseeebelle}; i was getting more frustrated and pathetic at the same time.

the receptionist took pity on me, cuz bless my lil heart, i sounded verbally {and mentally} challenged. she asked, "oh dear, are you feeling sorta loose today?" and i snorted, chuckled, and giggled myself right into farting. which really set me off. and resulted in my disproportionate sense of humor leaving me limp as a wet noodle, sprawled backwards on the bed with the phone dangling and the operator's snipping electronic voice reminding me that if i'd like to make a call, hang up the damn phone and try again, ya stupid girl.

ah yes, i am feeling oh so much better now.

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