23 February 2009

ten-sided baby blanket

This is one tenth of a baby blanket for Miss Chloe, who shall be {this many} one whole year old in April.

The blanket is all folded up, and since my pic-ability is usually fuzzy and slightly outta focus cuz I am taking still shots with my webcam {which I've never used as its intended function}; and cuz I am taking it at half past a monkey's ass, using only my bedside lamp for lighting...well cuz of all those there combined things, I think this folded view is much better than the entire blanket spread into shadows and draped out of frame and either too far away {so you can see the entire thing, but then nothing is focused} or too close up {which would allow you to see detail, but then you'd not have any clue how it all comes together}.

Yeah, so use your imagination to fill out the other nine wedges {which are folded under what you see, take my word for it}, and poof! there is chloe's blanket. a little early, but better than late, right?

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