02 February 2009

eureka! ee's here

For the ever evolving Indigo, who selected the letter "e" for me, I'm just thrilled to be doing this. Ecstatic, ya might say. {wink} The idea is that I list ten words {or things} starting with "e" that I love. Or ya know, feel that certain zip for, that erotic tingling, if ya will.

I was thinking about that, my relationship with the letter "e". When I was a child, my elementary school's classroom had these little cardboard drawings of items with short words to identify the item, and the sound/letter. "Bed" was chosen to help us lil ones learn how to pronounce the short sound of "e". I still picture it from time to time, to differentiate my ability to correctly say unfamiliar words; since I still have a little confusion between the way "bed" sounds and "pig" sounds. Some pronunciations still elude me.

Enunciating my words has always been a problem for me. When I was little, in that classroom with the pictured words and items; I had speech therapy. Well, I mean for several years, depends on whether my school offered that option. Sometimes, I still crow, "imma human bean!!" Yeah, I'm that much fun.

While "e is for evidence" for author Sue Grafton, "e" encompasses everything for me. From the somewhat corny {but a favorite nonetheless} dance hit "everlasting love" to the myriad of eateries {that feature eclairs, eggs, or etouffee} to exercises {for the enlarged me} to beloved characters {eeyore! egor, edgar, edison, earp, einstein, earhart, eastwood, eisenhower} to languages {english, espanol, ebonics~~which seems like it should be ebonix} to my favorite hours {evening} to authors {eyre, ee cummings, eliot, eco umberto, eddings, elroy, euclid, evanovich, erasmus} to detested names {edward, edmond, ethel, earl, humperdinck engelbert, emanuel, elton john~~great singer, bad name} to good names {elizabeth, eva, enya, eve} to favorite quotes {et tu, brute, et tu? to err is human...} to eight emotions and expressions {eros, exasperation, elation, excitement, effusive effervescence, evasive, eeeek, ersatz} to electronic services {eMail} to lyrics {i gotta peaceful eeeeeeeazee feeling} to my favored organs {eyes} to places {england} to one of my favorite places {emerson center} to favored luxuries {enamaled bathtubs} and brands {elmer's glue}...the list could go on and on and on and o

I'm sure that I am forgetting some very significant stuff, but exactly what, I'm not so sure. It's rather eclectic. And exhausting. Now, I'm stuck in the eeeeeee's!


  1. I absolutely loved the way you wrote this out. Your amazingly creative. Thanks for playing dear one. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Oh! That was so exciting to read and if I thought I could, I would emulate the methodology with a different letter. However, I escaped the game as I've been exceptionally busy and evasive of late. And well, I just don't have the effervescent creativity that eagerly awaits your exposing it to the public.

    Very clever Sweet Girl.


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