19 February 2009

hot sock....getcher hot sox herrrrrrrrre!

ahhhhhhhhm, nice and snuggly and warm...ahhhhh.

a few weeks back, i made myself a heating pad. i bought a large thick pair of men's socks, with the highest cotton content i could find (89%), a large bag of rice, and some chocolate. pour the uncooked dry long grain rice into a sock (i used a funnel to ease the process some, and i added dried anise for the lovely licorice scent; you could use whatever you find pleasant, or just the plain rice)~~eat a chocolate. i put the entire two and a half pounds of rice into the sock {ate another chocolate} and then stitched it shut (by hand cuz i just knew i'd get rice all over the machine and it'd be quicker to do it by hand). the socks i got had a heel contoured into them, so i also stitched a diagonal line thru the heel (which lent the heating pad a nice little bend which fits perfectly around the neck, niiiiiiiiiiiiice). then i took the other sock, and put the first one inside that, so that the toe of the first was at the top cuff of the second (put the cuff of the first down into the toe of the second, ya know, upside down) and stitched across the top {and rewarded myself for a job well-done with another chocolate}.

and poof! there it is! my very own heating pad. pop it in the microwave for two minutes and aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhm.

about 25 years ago, we had 'bed buddies', tube-like heating pads that had handles on each end and removable sleeves. this one that i made a few weeks back is way better and i use it often. and it's way cheaper. good on me! yea!! yea for me!!

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