27 February 2009

miss'ippi mud, more than a dessert

it's been raining all day. thunder rolling and grumbling constantly. some lightening, the kind that doesn't flicker and flash, but instead brightens the entire sky and then fades. the sky has been layers of heavy clouds, some low, some fast moving. some dense swirling grays. my yard has become mucky and i know that when i finally do venture out, it will be squishy and my booted feet will mire down if i don't move swiftly to my jerry's truck. i was hoping there'd be a pause, in the constant downpour, to run my garbage out and check my mail. but that doesn't look like it'd happen.

tomorrow night the lows are to be freezing, and the rain is to turn to snow. i don't think that will happen. at most, i expect we'll have a sleety slush. for a few nights after that, we'll have frigid temps. so much for an early spring.

tonight, my jerry and i are gonna babysit his lil five month old grandson. he is a good baby, and i love his smiles. he squirms his whole body when he grins and his entire face bursts into rosy rays, he just beams at ya. that sounds like a wonderful way to spend a cool wet evening, all wrapped up in warm love!

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